Saturday, September 02, 2006

Slaves to Read Indiana Next...

Stefanie tagged me to choose the next book that the Slaves of Golconda will be reading. I posted a few reading possibilities recently, and in the end drew George Sand's Indiana out of a hat. Of course I always agonize over decisions like this. It isn't just a case of I hope I will like the book, but I am choosing something that others will read as well. Will everyone like it? Will it be a good book for discussion? The only guideline is that we have been reading classics each time around. Since we have had a good share of male authors lately, I thought it was time to read a woman author, and I had wanted it to be an international author as well (non-American, and non-British--since we have concentrated on these types books).

So it is with some trepidation that I announce the Slaves will be reading Indiana by George Sand! According to 500 Great Books by Women (a wonderful reference book by the way):

"Indiana is the first of many novels written by George Sand, a woman whose
behavior was often considered more shocking than her writing. Seen as a
denouncement of marriage when it was published, the novel is the story of a
naive, love-starved woman abused by her much older husband and deceived by a
selfish seducer."

Shall we say posts will be due October 29? Of course anyone is welcome to read along. The text of Indiana is available online here and post about the book and discuss--please consider it!. There is still a lively discussion going on at The Metaxu Forum over our latest book by H.G. Wells. You can also read individual posts on the book at The Slaves of Golconda blog.

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