Friday, July 11, 2008

The next Slaves of Golconda book: Ruth Hall

Well, it was hard to add up the numbers, as people have various ways of voting and it was extremely close, but it seems to me that Ruth Hall wins out, although only sort of. Three of the books got three votes each, which would mean a three-way tie, except that a couple people mentioned that Ruth Hall was a close second, so I'm going to count those and make Ruth Hall the selection. I hope you enjoy it!

As for the reading date, I didn't get a whole lot of feedback on that question, but the feedback I got indicates that a later date will work, so let's make the posts due on September 30th. This will give us 2 1/2 months to do the reading.

Anyone is free to join the discussion, so don't be shy! I'll be back here in September.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Thanks Dorothy!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

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