Monday, December 17, 2007

February Book Selection: The Stone Angel

We'll be reading Margaret Laurence's Stone Angel next. Discussion will start February 29.
"Hagar Shipley, age 90, tells the story of her life, and in so doing tries to come to terms with how the very qualities which sustained her have deprived her of joy. Mingling past and present, she maintains pride in the face of senility, while recalling the life she led as a rebellious young bride, and later as a grieving mother."
Thanks for voting everyone. I hope everyone enjoys the book. From what I've read it is considered a classic of Canadian Literature. See you in February!

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Kari Skogland said...

I am a filmmaker and have recently adapted The Stone Angel for the screen. We premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and have shown at the Tokyo Film Festival and now Palm Springs Jan 12 &13. I'd love to hear more about your group, perhaps we can arrange a screening!