Monday, August 06, 2007

What's next

Thank you all for participating in the last round of discussions whether it was here or at your own blog. I appreciated the attempts to share your views even though the book wasn't to your liking.

Perhaps the next selection will fare better? Eloquent litlove from Tales of the Reading Room has consented to pick the next book for discussion. I'm sure that it will prove to be excellent. We will reconvene at September *30th. See you then and enjoy the rest of your summer!

*Ouch. It seems as though I've forgotten the rhyme from my primary school days.


Rebecca H. said...

Thank you for picking the Hardwick novel, Imani (actually, we chose it, didn't we, from the great list you provided) -- I'm very glad I read it, even though I struggled with it a bit. But struggling is not a bad thing, and I think the Slaves choices should challenge us a bit.

Sycorax Pine said...

I too am very glad I read it, Imani - so thank you! It was knotty at times, but I found it to be poetically knotty, requiring more attention than a lot of the novels (if it even is a novel) or fiction (if it even is fiction) that I normally read. Upon further reflection, that was not at all a negative quality.

Anonymous said...

Imani--Thanks for giving us such great choices. I actually voted for the Hardwick, but I think I left it for too close to the deadline to read. It is definitely not one to be rushed! Even though I didn't mesh with it, I am always glad to try new authors and different styles of writing. I didn't post here on the Slaves blog as I thought it wasn't fair since I didn't finish the book. I will have to give her a try when I know I can devote more time to the book. In any case I am still looking forward to reading her essays!

litlove said...

I'm very glad we all chose the Hardwick; I learned a lot about my reading interests from it, AND I've got a couple of books of her essays on order which I'm sure are going to be excellent. So you certainly did me a favor by introducing me to her, Imani.

I have got to get myself sorted out so I can post onto this blog!

Gentle Reader said...

Imani--thank you for giving us such great choices. I enjoyed the book quite a bit, and it was definitely a new kind of reading experience for me! I also bought Hardwick's essays, and am looking forward to reading those. Also looking forward to the next Slaves read and discussion!

Imani said...

Awww, thanks everyone! I forgot to put the qualifying "some" before the "you" -- I know very well that a few did enjoy the book and that others found it a worthwhile reading experience even if they didn't like it.

Thanks again.