Monday, February 12, 2007

Illustrious Members

Stefanie posted this on her blog today:
I was reading Emerson: The Mind on Fire and came across this passage:

Coleridge notes that there are four kinds of readers: the hourglass, the sponge, the jelly bag, and the Golconda. In the first everything that runs in runs right out again. The sponge gives out all it took in, only a little dirtier. The jelly bag keeps only the refuse. The Golconda runs everything through a sieve and keeps only the diamonds. Emerson was not a systematic reader, but he had a genius for skimming and a comprehensive system for taking notes. Most of the time he was the pure Golconda, what miners call a high-grader, working his way rapidly through vast mines of material and pocketing the richest bits.

So there we have it, Emerson was a Slave of Golconda.

Though it is not widely known, there have in fact been many other illustrious members, some whose names cannot be revealed. During the middle ages membership most likely meant death, so the Slaves had to keep a low profile. Pope Silvester III was deposed because of his alleged membership. In some areas there is still a stigma attached to the group, and so certain people wish to have their affiliation kept secret.

If you would like to join, leave your email address to receive a proper invitation. Of course, you may still participate without assuming the bonds of membership, but you will be denied the honor of identifying yourself with the revered group, and engraving your name on the Ages.


Heather said...

As I definitely must engrave my name for all time I feel I must request membership!! I'm Heather from and my email is

Thank you!

Sycorax Pine said...

I too am eager to join the illustrious ranks of the Golcondans: Sycorax Pine (, email:

Anonymous said...

I most enthusiastically submit myself to the tyrannical will of Quillhill.

I am to be reached at

Sycorax Pine said...

Hallo, Quillhill! There was a bit of a problem with my invitation (alas!), and I didn't see another way to reply to you, so here it is:

When I click on the link provided, and it prompts me to sign in to blogger, it will not accept my new blogger username. If I try to sign in using my old blogger username, it never gives me the option of accepting or declining the invitation, but rather prompts me to sign in using my new blogger information (which it then accepts). But then it only takes me to my dashboard, without the option of accepting or declining the invitation. Has anyone else had this problem? What should I do?

Quillhill said...

Pour, others have successfully accepted the invitation. I don't know if it has anything to do with two different versions of Blogger. This is set up on the new version, so you may have to switch. At any rate, I will resend the invite and you can try again.