Monday, November 01, 2010

The Small Room - More Links

I just thought I'd collect the other posts on May Sarton's The Small Room here. I know I have problems cutting and pasting my posts into Blogger, so I tend to skip it, but as there are several others who have written about the book, I thought it might be nice to have them in one handy place.

Jodie at Book Gazing

Lisa at Bibliophiliac

Litlove at Tales from the Reading Room

Pining for the West

Rohan at Novel Readings

Danielle at A Work in Progress

Have I missed anyone? Please scroll down to see more posts or click on through the links. Thanks!


litlove said...

Danielle - this is really thoughtful of you and so useful! Thank you. I do often post to this blog but I forgot all about it this time - oops!

Rohan Maitzen said...

Yes, thanks-I wasn't altogether sure of the protocol regarding cross-posting etc.

Danielle said...

No problem at all. Everyone is more than welcome to cross-post here as well, but I thought I'd at least put the links up in case readers happen by to make it easier to find all the posts. I have problems when I cut and paste to Blogger--the formatting goes all wonky, so I tend to be lazy about it.

bibliophiliac said...

I heard about this read through Judith at Reader in the Wilderness...I posted by review at Bibliophiliac ( Not sure of your protocol for posting, especially for non members...

Danielle said...

Hi Bibliophiliac--Thanks for the link--I've added you to the list. If you'd like I can send you an invitation to post on the blog itself--just send me your email. Thanks and thanks for reading along! Feel free to join the discussion at the forum if you've not stopped by (link on left sidebar).